Pierre Falcone

Pierson Capital has been highly successful over the years and excelled at leveraging its strategic alliances and partnerships with major industry and finance corporations for the design and structuring of landmark projects. Pierson Capital also makes selected investments in hotels, real-estate developments, agriculture and agro-industrial projects, oil, gas and minerals as well as in breakthrough innovative technologies. Pierson Capital is driven by its sense of commitment and its passion for creative, tailor made solutions and quality services to its customers.


Our success is due to our dedicated staff of world class experts in the fields of construction, energy, science, engineering, finance and management. Their experience and professionalism has allowed us to successfully complete the most challenging projects. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all of them for their remarkable work.


As our business expands across the globe and despite the current turmoils, we will strive to continue providing our customers with the support they require for their most demanding projects.

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Pierre Falcone




Patrick Rosenbaum shechtman juan
Dr. Patrick Rosenbaum, PhD
Vice Chairman
Prof. Dan Shechtman, PhD
2011 Noble Prize in Chemistry

Chairman of Advisory Board
Dr. Juan José Suárez Coppel, PhD
President of Energy
Former CEO of Pemex

person danny carlos
Dr. Moshe Bar-lev, PhD
Chief Scientist
Mr. Dani Golan, MScs
Chief Engineer
Carlos R. Murrieta Cummings, PhD
VP of Energy
Former CEO of Pemex Downstream

andre gabi
Andre D. Fiori, MBA
Business development LATAM
Gabriel Eldor
Chief Technology

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